SEO Link Building

Despite being a straightforward SEO aspect, SEO link building has continued to evolve over the years to become a complicated SEO task. In the past, link building was basically numerical. All website owners had to do was to come up with more links so that their sites can rank higher. However, the success of any link building campaign today is dependent on several factors. Some of these factors are subjective and qualitative in nature. These factors are also changing continuously. Nevertheless, although these complexities can make you ignore link building for SEO, link building is still a crucial element for the success of an SEO strategy. Without quality inbound links, your site will not rank higher in the search engines. For starters, earning links naturally is usually very difficult. Our experts highlight the major challenges that you have to overcome when building links for SEO in 2016.

Content competition

Content is very important for modern link building. Content can be seen like a mechanism that attracts natural links. When your content is seen by more people and they share it, they are likely to share it more. Content also acts as a mechanism that frames and delivers links to external sites. Generally, content marketing is gaining momentum continuously. This means that there is increasing competition. The good content bar is getting higher every day. This is forcing publishers to become pickier with regards to links and content. This implies that you must invest effort and time on content creation to build relevant links.

Brand alignment

When your brand is featured prominently on a reputable external publication, its search visibility, credibility, trust and authority increases. However, the major challenges are finding sources that offer appropriate support to your brand and relevant, reasonable, non-advertising opportunities in your content where you can showcase the brand. Although you can opt to limit sources to the niche publishers in your industry, this will affect your campaign’s diversity.For further details on SEO services in boise follow us on facebook.


Scalability is another issue to deal with when it comes to modern link building. Source authority is an important factor when it comes to link effectiveness. This is partially due to increased competition in content marketing. For emerging businesses, authoritative publishers are harder to penetrate. However, you cannot depend on medium and low authority sources only to establish an effective campaign. So what is the compromise? A steady and slow improvement in authoritative strength of link sources coupled with the associated increase in content quality. This challenge is significant but you can overcome it if you are experienced.

Cost efficiency

You need money and time to build quality links for SEO. If you are inefficient, you will take many hours and still not generate quality links. Nevertheless, you can employ experienced link builders to handle your link building project.

Following Penguin updates by Google, some mediums of building links have become less effective. It is important that you consider these challenges before you venture into SEO link building. Contact seo services for search queries to help with link building or to overcome these and other challenges.